Favorite Website

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My favorite website that I have come across so far is called Piccsy Playground.  It might be bold, and very very pink, but the way in which the user navigates is just so smooth and adorable.  The website is basically just a parallax scrolling engine, and it flows from one page to the next with ease and grace.  I am a huge fan of big, bright, and flat color so this website definitely meets those biases.  So basically there is a page with a multitude of categories on it, and the user chooses the one he or she is interested in at the moment.  The categories go from Architecture, to Graphic Design, to Individuals, to Conferences.  When you click on one of these categories it takes you to a page that shares blogs and such that are relative to the category.  Basically it is a really nice place to spend some time learning about design, and one can enjoy the beautiful scrolling and bright colors while at it.  Hopefully you can get over the pink though.  So very pink.